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On May 20, baidu open its depth on making machine learning platform. This release depth of machine learning open source platform belongs to the "au" open source organization, its core developers from baidu deep learning institute (IDL), Microsoft Asia research institute, university of Washington, New York university, the Hong Kong university of science and technology, Carnegie meilong university and other famous companies and universities.

Through the open source platform, developers can get free from all over the world better and easier to use the machine learning algorithm source code, thus significantly reducing development and deployment of distributed machine learning system and related application threshold. Including headlines now and the car home, several companies have benefited by the open platform.

As the layout of the older players in ai, baidu has the strength of the leading industry. Baidu deep learning institute (IDL) in 2013 to create and Andrew Ng joining in 2014, baidu DMLC distributed depth of machine learning open source projects (hereinafter referred to as "the union") has been done to explore in the field of multiple applications of deep learning, launched such as xgboost (speed Boosting model) with good effect, CXXNET (extreme deep learning c + + library), Minerva, highly efficient and flexible parallel deep learning engine) and the Parameter Server (one hour training data 600 t), and other products, in speech recognition, OCR recognition, face recognition and computing efficiency released more mature products.

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