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Recently in stemming the information of science and technology, two not too visible news about the "art" is somewhat cold reception, they are all related to Google: 1, five museum and art gallery announced to join Google in mainland China culture institute, which is dedicated to the global digital library collection of rare art treasures, this is the first time to use the online work also in China the "billion pixel" (Gigapixel) technology, you can online as connoisseurs of Chinese landscape painting in each place quiet corner; 2, also in the near future, Google and a large number of art celebrities cooperation to a new project - intelligent following (finally, even following from smart), its space theme can make following pattern shows during the day, overlooking the earth from outer space at night change as charming night sky stars, Google said, hope it can offer inspiration for the artists, the company in the future there will be more similar projects.

Watching the news, especially the second article, I do not know what do you think, although some far-fetched, personally, I immediately thought of uncle Kevin kelly in the science and technology to want what's maxim: "with the development of science and technology, on the whole, the beauty of it will increase year by year, in the not too distant future, luxuriant degree of some parts of the technical elements will be comparable to the grandeur of the nature." KK, of course, the logical starting point is from "the universe, entropy, self-organization, life" the macro so "god perspective" to judge the evolution direction of technology, he regards the aesthetic as a technical element is one of the direction of evolution.

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