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NECKLY KNIVES MANUFACTURE(SHENZHEN) Co.,Ltd, located in China's Special Economic Zone –Shenzhen, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment, is one of the most professional knives manufacturers. The company provides various of hardware knives to global customers with its unique design, first-class quality and attractive appearance in the last two decades. The products are CE certificated and produced under quality management system ISO9001, they are widely accepted by customers around the world. NECKLY is also OEM supplier for many top brands.

With its rapid growth in recent years,NECKLY KNIVES MANUFACTURE (SHENZHEN)Co.,Ltd can supply:Knives for industrial sewing machines,Straight knives,Wave knives,Er-skiving knives,Leather-skiving knives,Shoes machine knives,
Stationary knives,Paper knives,Food knives,Special-shaped knives,Sewing machine spare parts and Hardware mechanical products etc。

The company upholds the philosophy of precision equipment, fine workmanship, and lean production management to provide still better products and service to customers.NECKLY KNIVES MANUFACTURE(SHENZHEN) Co.,Ltd is striving to build its “NECKLY” brand in the market with more attention being paid to quality and new products development.

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